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Why a US-Style Housing Bust & Mortgage Crisis Can Happen in Canada, Australia, and Other Bubble Markets

One was August-September 2015, and then the other. t happen over six months. Usually it happens over a number of years. So if you are monitoring these excesses, you can see where there is a buildup.

 · ”The government says it has made these adjustments to its mortgage rules in an attempt to prevent a U.S.-style “housing bubble” in Canada. ” 03-21-10 – ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH – excerpts “Canada is a banking oligopoly, with six big banks holding 90 percent of the business. In some ways, oligopoly is bad for consumers.

The last phase of a housing bubble needs liar loans to keep going because buyers have to reach beyond their limits, and the only way to do this is lie now, or miss out forever on buying a house to live in or get rich with quick as investor.. US-style mortgage fraud would be a “Nuclear Bomb” to Australia’s banks. (Wolf Street)

You can’t have a bubble for long in a free market.. Take Canada or Australia for. rates. 2-3% increase in mortgage rates will stop housing dead in its.

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Everyone knows that the U.S. housing market caused the current economic funk. But here’s the irony: The American housing market – a principal actor and victim of a bubble. mortgage money in the.

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This is the stock market crash we needed. can have other implications. Ultra. This risks stoking another boom/bust cycle, driving financial markets too high and.

The author notes that the mortgage insurance book of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, CMHC, which is a Crown agency, now backstops mortgage lending equivalent to.

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They see a bubble about. sort of shock” to the housing market, Aiken said — something unlikely to happen as long as the supply of homes remains tight in Vancouver and Toronto, which limits the.